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vastu consultant in Coimbatore

I, Acharyaa Hareesh Raman is a Vastu Consultant in Coimbatore. I follow a dedicated process and do a clean site audit before you plan your construction. Vastu consultation is a dedicated and tedious process which requires a lot of dedication and Insights.

I had practised Vastu under the guidance of great gurus like Shri P.J.Raghavendra Rao and Jyothida Kalanidhi. Shri. Devaraj.

I can do Vastu analysis for both Residential and Commercial properties. It is important to concentrate on Brahma Stana for residential properties, Brahma Stana of homes should be weightless and should be clean. Ideally, Brahma Stana is the most preferable place to conduct poojas. Business men should concentrate more on kubera stana and ensure it is free from fire or water (Kitchen or Toilets).

In Commercial properties, minor tweak in the position of production areas, raw material storage and correct location of cash register and reception table will provide greater benefits for the business.

I will provide vastu consultation by visiting your property premises. I can also help you in removing Vastu Dosha for already built projects.

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